Know Everything About Your Customer In One Place Using Round Infinity Custom Objects (RICO)

Every business is different. Round Infinity's Custom Objects (or Applications) built on a Flexible Data Model allows to store almost any data structure, making it easy for you to store information specific to your business. Examples of RICO are Customer Transactions, Orders, Opportunities, Leads, Contracts, Quotes, Invoices, Service Requests, or any such data required by your business.

Custom Ticket Forms & Business Requests Forms

RICOs can be of various types e.g. Custom Ticket Form, Appointment Booking, Order with Payment, Approval Workflow or Payment Collection. Depending on the type of RICO, a Responsive User Interface (UI) is automatically generated which is used by your customers, employees or partners to raise requests.

Workflow, Process & Ticketing Enabled

Each RICO, by default, is process & ticket enabled. This means each row in RICO can be assigned as a case or ticket. Service Level Agreements (SLA), Assignments Rules, Routing Rules, Escalations, Process Steps, Workflows, Notifications, Download Templates, Access Rules, etc. can be specified differently for each RICO.

REST & Webhooks Enabled

Each RICO is automatically REST & Webhooks enabled. REST allows to seamlessly push data from external system to RICO, extending Round Infinity to almost any system. Webhooks allows to push data from RICO to external systems when an event happens in RICO (e.g. when a row is inserted, when a row is updated, etc.).

Custom Roles & Permissions

Each RICO can be secured per custom security needs. Control which RICOs are accessed by Customers, Employees or Partners. Further, for the agent console, control which agents can insert data, update data, download data, assign tasks, view what data, etc.

Custom Columns

Each RICO can have columns of different types. This allows to seamlessly collect text information or rich information such as documents, photos, videos, sketches, signatures, GPS stamps etc.

Custom Relations

Each RICO can have multiple child RICOs. This is to facilitate one-to-many relationships. Example, an Account can have multiple Opportunities or a Service Request can have multiple Service Reports, etc.

Custom Validation Rules

Define custom validation rules to validate data that is inputted through responsive web UI of RICO.

Conversational Answer Bots

Each RICO can have multiple Answer Bots. This allows machines to automatically respond to customer queries using data in RICO & knowledge base. After each response, the Answer Bots get smarter & learn on their own.


RICO can also be of type "Master". This type of RICO is used to hold data that supports other process & ticketing based RICOs.

Help Your B2B or B2C Customers Help Themselves Using Channel Of Their Choice

Using voice, responsive custom mobile forms, messaging or social channels, allow your customers, employees and partners to raise requests. Respond to inquiries on all channels (Email, Facebook, Twitter, Phone, Contact Centre, SMS, Web, Chat) from one universal inbox. Using Answer Bots, allow your customers to get automated answers 24/7.

Embedded Service Menu On Website & App

Embed service menu natively on your website or mobile app with Round Infinity Web Widget so customers can raise business requests, search for help, start a chat, place a call, or just email you without leaving your app or website. Business requests can be raised as required by your business e.g. book appointment, place order, make a payment, raise inspection request, apply for loan, apply for policy renewal, or any such custom request.

Live Chat

Use Round Infinity Live Chat to engage with customers who are on your website or mobile app. Reply to a conversation initiated by the customer or response made on a proactive campaign set up by you. Automatically convert conversations into tickets & assign chats to a specific team member & get all the contextual information about the customer.

Help center & Search

Let customers help themselves with your knowledge base content and a customized, mobile responsive help center. Display related knowledge base articles as customers type search query.

Self-Inquire & 24/7 Support

Powered by artificial intelligence, automatically respond to customer support queries with relevant help center articles. This could drastically reduce call center volume. Customers can solve their own issues day or night, on any device.

Call Center & Inbound / Outbound Calling

Set up a fully functional call center by selecting phone numbers or toll-free numbers that fits your business location needs. Receive inbound calls from customers & route them to appropriate agents. Follow up or provide proactive support with outbound calls. Keep track of calls with automatic ticket creation and call recording.


Select a text number or toll-free text number in Round Infinity that fits your business location needs. Automatically convert SMS requests from your customers into trackable tickets in your helpdesk that you can manage and resolve.


Integrate your company's Facebook page with your helpdesk so that agents can respond to inquiries & support requests withing specified SLA. Using sentiment analysis find out posts that need to be automatically converted to tickets and assign priority accordingly.


Connect your Twitter handles to support your customers through Twitter DM and public mentions. Using sentiment analysis find out tweets that need to be automatically converted to tickets and assign priority accordingly.

Single Sign-On

If customer is already logged in to your website or app, you can pass encrypted customer info to Round Infinity URL to establish single sign-on.


Automatically convert support emails into trackable tickets in your helpdesk that you can manage and resolve within defined SLA.

Request Call Back

Allow customers to request call backs. Assign these to agents so that call back happens to customer within defined SLA.

Process & Automation Driven Case Management Gets All Stakeholders To Serve Your Customers In Timely Manner

Round Infinity's extensible, multi-step and branched workflows enable conditional logic that can seamlessly assigns tasks to internal & external team members & can update any system in real-time, enabling advanced business process automation. Case prioritization based on sentiment, SLA management & escalations are applied across all stakeholders.

Single View of Customer

Get a 360 degree view of your customers. Get a view of past conversations across channels, assets, orders, open tickets, closed tickets, all at one place. A 360-degree view of each customer's journey enables agents to anticipate needs and personalise every interaction.

Groups & Expertise

Group agents by department or skills so as to allow effective assignment of requests & tickets.

Workflow Builder

Easily create workflow diagrams which allows to automatically move a case from one department to another. There is no more switching between multiple tools. No more missing out on follow ups and delaying replies.

Conditional Branching

Use branching workflow logic & rules to model multiple scenarios in a single workflow. Use business rules & conditions to automatically select the next process step & the next assignee.

Multi-Step Workflows

Use multiple steps workflow to execute webhooks which can automatically update external systems.

Agent Console

Track and manage all incoming requests from all channels with one inbox.

SLA Management

Set deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on priority or process steps. Each process step can have a different SLA. Each RICO can have its own SLA.

Business Hours

Indicate the hours your business is open and exclude non-business hours from reporting. Specify holidays when your office is closed.

Request Prioritization

Make sure every incoming requests gets automatically categorized, prioritized and even assigned to the right agent or group based on rules that you define.

Skill Based Routing

Assign tickets to members with certain expertise based on least assigned tickets or least open tickets.

Group Based Routing

Assign tickets to members of a group based on least assigned tickets or least open tickets.

Query Based Routing

Assign tickets by retrieving members dynamically from a RICO.

Rule Based Routing

Assign tickets to agents based on rules with multiple conditions for column values.

Out-Of-Office & Break Time

Do not assign tickets to agents who are out-of-office or are on a break. Notify the supervisor when an agent marks himself as out-of-office.

Automate Notifications To Customers

Automatically send out SMS & Email notifications to customers at each process step, as the case moves forward. Specify multiple conditions to send out such notifications.


Set reminders to automatically send notification to the agent of upcoming call-backs, appointments or follow-ups.


Specify multiple levels of escalations which gets triggered when an agent does not complete assigned task within specified SLA.

Transfer Ticket Ownership

Share ownership of tickets with other teams without losing visibility into progress being made on the issue.

Canned Responses

Provide quick, consistent responses to common questions by creating pre-formatted replies.

Browser Based Notifications

Browser-based notifications alerts the agent when a customer starts a conversation or replies to a conversation.

Custom Search

Filter & search data residing in Custom Objects to efficiently serve customers. Download data to excel.

Embrace Cognitive AI & Business Bots To Allow Machines To Serve Your Customers 24/7

Round Infinity Answer Bots, Document Bots & Sentiment Analysis Bots works alongside your support team & agents. These bots uses machine learning to understand sentiment of your customer conversations or calls, automatically validate documents or to help answer your customers' questions using data from your Custom Objects or content from your knowledge base on Round Infinity.


Deliver articles which your customers can use to get answer to their queries in a self-service manner. Monitor article metrics like how helpful was the solution, number of views, likes, dislikes, etc.

Document Repository

A central repository to store guides, documents, best practices, policies, procedures, etc. that can be accessed and shared between multiple users & locations. Bulk Upload documents, full-text search, version history, etc. ensure a single version of truth for each document.

Internal Q & A

Discuss & collaborate specific parts of customer requests with experts from across your company to figure out the best solutions.

Support Response To Knowledge Base

Let agents automatically convert their ticket replies into knowledge base articles, as they reply.

Answer Bots

For each RICO, create Answer Bots to automatically respond to queries of customers. Answer Bots uses data in RICOs and content in knowledge base. After each response, the Answer Bots get smarter & learn on their own.

Document Bots - Auto Validation

Automatically validate documents attached with customer, partners or employees requests. E.g. auto validate & process vendor invoices, auto validate & process travel & business expense claims, etc.

Document Bots - Auto Generation

Use time-Based and scheduled bots to auto-generate documents using data from RICO & pre-defined output/download templates. E.g. auto generate service reports, inspection reports, invoices, health check reports, etc.

Deliver Intelligent Onsite Service, And Transform The Customer Experience In The Field

Make it easy for your customers to schedule appointments, for your field workers to receive work orders & appointments, service the customer, collect data on a mobile device, & send estimates, service reports and invoices from the field in real time to customers and back-office systems. Allow supervisors to track performance of your field service operations in real-time.

Data Collection on Field

Using RICOs, collect data on site for inspections, audits, installation visits, service visits, maintenance visits, etc. Seamlessly embed rich information such as photos, sketches, signatures, QR codes, and GPS stamps and instantly deliver field data to key stakeholders and connected business applications.

Push Appointments & Work Orders

Send up-to-date appointments & work orders directly to people in the field - skip the trip to the office. Automatically send and receive real-time updates.

Generate Reports from Site

Generate & send work reports, service reports, estimates and invoices directly from the field in real time to customers.

Inquire On Data from Site

Field staff can inquire on data required to complete a service request directly from the site. E.g. check stock of parts, tap in knowledge base, refer to service manuals & procedures, send a question to internal staff, etc.

Capture Visit & Travel Time

Easily find how much time field staff spent on travel & how much time was spent on each customer visit.

Day View

Field staff can view all jobs & appointments for a given day in an easy map view.

Directions to Customer

Easily get the directions to customer place.

Payment Processing From Site

Collect payment of service or visit from the customer directly from site.

Proactively Engage With Your Customers & Build Customer Loyalty

Engage your customers, employees & partners across all digital channels, with timely and targeted messages & offers using smart segmentation & machine learning. Keep the customer notified & aware about the service status by automatically sending notifications at each process step of the case.

Campaign Manager

Using Round Infinity intuitive Campaign Manager, a content designer & dynamic consumer segmentation capabilities, send targeted & personalised messages through multiple channels. Send promotional messages with attachments, reminders, company updates, product discount intimations or offers.

Rich Messages

As part of getting your campaign ready, create rich messages with images and deep-links, and preview them simultaneously. Save message for future re-use.

Segmentation Using Saved Search Queries

Segment users using by using saved search queries in RICOs. For e.g., get all users who have not made payment, or get all users who bought more than 5,000 in current month, etc.

Smart Segmentation Using AI

Using AI based smart segmentation, understand consumer behaviour and preferences to transform to data driven marketing that can help you unlock growth from unexpected places.

Embedded Links

Using embedded links in SMS, Email & Web notifications, allow customers to have ongoing real-time chat conversations with your agents in response to your campaign message.

Consolidated Messages View

Allow customers to view of all messages received through campaigns in one place, sorted by time.

Omni channel Engagement

Communicate consistently across different media (SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with integrated messaging and cross channel orchestration.

Empower Your Employees & Partners To Serve Customers By Automating Your Internal Procedures And Processes

Using Custom Objects, allow your employees, distributors, partners & suppliers to raise new requests & approvals (e.g. expense approval, procurement approval, purchase order approval, invoice approval, etc). Allow them to participate in your customer journeys, complete assigned tasks, raise requests, access knowledge base, inquire on data, update task status etc.

Vendor Portal

Allow your vendors, suppliers, distributors & third-parties to participate in journeys, complete tasks or raise new requests in a self-service manner. These could be requests to submit an invoice, raise a service request, check parts inventory, complete an assigned task, or any other such request as required by your business.

Employee Portal

Allow your employees to raise new requests, participate in journeys, request approvals or complete tasks in a self-service manner. These could be requests for leave, travel, procurement approval, client report submission, compliance submission, expense claim approval, asking a question to HR or any other such request as required by your business.

Provide Visibility Across Business Silos

As work passes from one business silo to the next, Round Infinity preserves the context and audit trail of each piece of work throughout the entire work lifecycle. This helps large organizations integrate, automate, and improve their complex front- and back-office business operations.

Digitize Internal Process

Digitizing different types of processes may require different workflows and associated forms. Round Infinity allows to digitize, manage and optimize your most complex processes, end-to-end, without limitations. These processes can be across business functions like Orders, Sales, Marketing, Legal, Finance, etc.

Policies & Procedures

Store policies & procedures in a central document repository so as to share a single version of truth with customers, employees & partners.

Understand, In Real Time, Sentiment Of Your Customers & Take Timely Action

Understand sentiment for 100% of consumer interactions, messages & phone calls in real time, not after the fact with surveys for a fraction of interactions. Generate custom reports using data from Custom Objects, about your conversations, team performance, etc. by choosing different chart types, date ranges, filters, etc.

Real-time Sentiment Analysis

In real-time, using sentiment analysis on your phone calls & conversations, find out which customers are not satisfied with your service & take appropriate measures to reach out to the customers. Identify and track trends and common issues about your customer conversations.

Real-time Omnichannel Dashboard

Manage operations with consolidated cross-channel reporting. Get a better sense of how you're doing by gaining visibility into tickets volume, agent performance, and other key support metrics across all channels.

Agents Performance Dashboard

Analyse team and user performance for response, resolution, and handle time. Track your agent's performance & find agents that are not completing tasks within specified SLAs.

Approval Workflows Dashboard

Track status of workflows or approvals & know the SLA performance of all approval requests. In real-time, know how many requests are at which process step of the workflow.

Field Service Performance Dashboard

Track performance of your field service staff. Track absent agents, real-time location of agents & SLA performance of field staff.

Custom Reports Builder

Create custom BI reports & dashboards of any complexity as required by your business. Use the Round Infinity Report Builder to generate reports with aggregates, grouping, filters, relative dates, etc. Download report output to Excel & PDF. Drill down on data as required.

Customer Satisfaction Dashboard

Round Infinity Customer Satisfaction feature allow to run surveys, gather feedback, analyse results, and take action to improve your Net Promoter Score. Track, in real-time, your Customer Satisfaction Score, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score & Sentiment Analysis Score.

Campaigns Dashboard

Measure success of your marketing campaigns. Optimize your marketing campaigns through insights gained from timely performance reports.

Schedule Custom Reports

Schedule default and custom reports so that you can receive them in your inbox periodically.

Easily Pull Or Push Data From External Systems To Custom Objects On Round Infinity

Round Infinity's flexible API architecture makes it easy to integrate external applications or home grown systems with Round Infinity using Push APIs or Pull Webhooks. You can easily push data such as transactions, leads, orders, etc. from external systems to Round Infinity and similarly pull data from Round Infinity to external systems.

Push External Data To Round Infinity

Each RICO is automatically REST API enabled. REST allows to seamlessly push data from external system to RICO, extending Round Infinity to almost any system.

Pull Round Infinity Data to External Systems

Each RICO is automatically Webhooks enabled. Webhooks allows to push data from RICO to external systems when an event happens in RICO (e.g. when a row is inserted, row is updated, etc.). A webhook can invoke a REST API call.

Custom URL & Domain Mapping

Use your own vanity URL for your support portal and provide a seamless customer experience.

Customize Logo & Navigation

Customize the look and layout of your support portal with your own logo and navigation.

Custom Email & SMS Servers

Configure your own email & SMS servers and provide a seamless customer experience.

IP Whitelisting

Whitelist IP ranges to restrict login access outside of work.


Round Infinity ensures enterprise-grade security using SSL, comprehensive audits of networks & systems.