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Anywhere Commerce
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Anywhere Commerce     

Using speech, responsive custom mobile forms or messaging, allow your customers, employees and partners to raise requests.  

Online Store & Order Management System B2C or B2B, instantly get your ecommerce online store with Round Infinity Order Management System. Get a single view of all your orders and inventory. Using workflows integrated with order management system, seamlessly fulfil orders across multiple departments within specified SLAs. Auto-assign orders to distributors or third parties, if required.
Customer Self-Service Portal Create your own custom journeys to create custom order forms & request forms per your business requirements. These requests could be anything such as application of a loan with document attachments, filing a claim, raising a complaint, booking an appointment, paying a bill, etc.
Vendor Self-Service Portal Allow your vendors, suppliers, distributors & third-parties to participate in journeys, complete tasks or raise new requests in a self-service manner. These could be requests to submit an invoice, raise a service request, check parts inventory, complete an order, or any other such request as required by your business.
Employee Self-Service Portal Allow your employees to raise new requests, participate in journeys, or complete tasks in a self-service manner. These could be requests for leave, travel, procurement, client report submission, compliance submission, expense claim, asking a question to HR or any other such request as required by your business.
Self-Service Appointment Booking Allow your customers to book appointments in a self-service manner. Assignment of appointments can happen automatically to your employees per slot availability & skills.
24/7 Voice & Messaging Based Self-Service Support Allow your customers, partners & employees to raise queries, raise complaints or find information using Voice based Answer Bots. Using embedded links in SMS notifications, allow customers, partners & employees to have conversations with your agents over SMS.
Knowledge Base & Document Management Let your customers & employees search and find answers to the simple problems they face while using your product or service. To facilitate this, Round Infinity Document Management features allows securely storing documents in folders/sub-folders hierarchy, upload of hundreds of documents in 1 click, full text search, email notifications of uploaded documents with document links to permissioned users, creation of solutions/articles, etc.