Know Everything About Your Customer In One Place Using Round Infinity Custom Objects (RICO)

Every business is different. Round Infinity's Custom Objects (or Applications) built on a Flexible Data Model allows to store almost any data structure, making it easy for you to store information specific to your business. Examples of RICO are Customer Transactions, Orders, Opportunities, Leads, Contracts, Quotes, Invoices, Service Requests, or any such data required by your business.

Custom Ticket Forms & Business Requests Forms

RICOs can be of various types e.g. Custom Ticket Form, Appointment Booking, Order with Payment, Approval Workflow or Payment Collection. Depending on the type of RICO, a Responsive User Interface (UI) is automatically generated which is used by your customers, employees or partners to raise requests.

Workflow, Process & Ticketing Enabled

Each RICO, by default, is process & ticket enabled. This means each row in RICO can be assigned as a case or ticket. Service Level Agreements (SLA), Assignments Rules, Routing Rules, Escalations, Process Steps, Workflows, Notifications, Download Templates, Access Rules, etc. can be specified differently for each RICO.

REST & Webhooks Enabled

Each RICO is automatically REST & Webhooks enabled. REST allows to seamlessly push data from external system to RICO, extending Round Infinity to almost any system. Webhooks allows to push data from RICO to external systems when an event happens in RICO (e.g. when a row is inserted, when a row is updated, etc.).

Custom Roles & Permissions

Each RICO can be secured per custom security needs. Control which RICOs are accessed by Customers, Employees or Partners. Further, for the agent console, control which agents can insert data, update data, download data, assign tasks, view what data, etc.

Custom Columns

Each RICO can have columns of different types. This allows to seamlessly collect text information or rich information such as documents, photos, videos, sketches, signatures, GPS stamps etc.

Custom Relations

Each RICO can have multiple child RICOs. This is to facilitate one-to-many relationships. Example, an Account can have multiple Opportunities or a Service Request can have multiple Service Reports, etc.

Custom Validation Rules

Define custom validation rules to validate data that is inputted through responsive web UI of RICO.

Conversational Answer Bots

Each RICO can have multiple Answer Bots. This allows machines to automatically respond to customer queries using data in RICO & knowledge base. After each response, the Answer Bots get smarter & learn on their own.


RICO can also be of type "Master". This type of RICO is used to hold data that supports other process & ticketing based RICOs.

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