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Respond to inquiries on all channels (Email, Social, IoT, Contact Centre, SMS, Digital Assistant) from one universal inbox.  

Voice Or Text Chat With Support Engage with customers, partners & employees in real time on your website using live chat. Your agents can take up multiple incoming chats. Chats are automatically converted into tickets to ensure a response is sent within specified SLA.
Convert Social Conversations To Tickets Integrate your company’s Facebook, Twitter & Instagram handles, understand the sentiment of social conversations & automatically convert every negative conversation into trackable ticket in your helpdesk journey.
Push/Pull Data To/From Journeys Using REST protocol channel of Round Infinity, automatically push/pull data to/from your custom journeys in Round Infinity. Each journey on Round Infinity, automatically has REST integration API capabilities.
Bulk-Upload Data From External Systems Using Excel channel of Round Infinity, you can bulk-upload data into any journey on Round Infinity.
Convert Support Emails To Tickets Automatically understand the sentiment of your support emails & convert every support email into trackable ticket in the helpdesk that you can manage and execute tasks on.
Convert SMS Requests To Tickets Automatically read incoming SMS requests & convert every SMS into trackable ticket in your helpdesk journey.
Convert Data From Sensors To Tickets Using Round Infinity IoT integration, automatically read incoming alerts from sensors & convert every alert into ticket in your helpdesk journey.
Call Centre & Phone Support Set up a fully functional call centre on the cloud that is tightly integrated with your helpdesk using the phone channel powered by Round Infinity. You can port or buy support numbers anywhere in the globe and answer calls right within the helpdesk. Agents can record calls, attach them to tickets, and easily access contextual data such as recent conversations with the customer.