Embrace Cognitive AI & Bots To Allow Machines To Serve Your Customers 24/7

Round Infinity Answer Bots, OCR Bots & Sentiment Analysis Bots works alongside your support team & agents. These bots uses machine learning to understand sentiment of your customer conversations or calls, automatically validate documents or help answer your customers' questions using data from your custom applications or content from your knowledge base on Round Infinity.


Deliver articles which your customers can use to get answer to their queries in a self-service manner. Monitor article metrics like how helpful was the solution, number of views, likes, dislikes, etc.

Document Repository

A central repository to store guides, documents, best practices, policies, procedures, etc. that can be accessed and shared between multiple users & locations. Bulk Upload documents, full-text search, version history, etc. ensure a single version of truth for each document.

Internal Q & A

Discuss & collaborate specific parts of customer requests with experts from across your company to figure out the best solutions.

Support Response To Knowledge Base

Let agents automatically convert their ticket replies into knowledge base articles, as they reply.

Answer Bots

For each Custom Application, create Answer Bots to automatically respond to queries of customers. Answer Bots uses data in Custom Applications and content in knowledge base. After each response, the Answer Bots get smarter & learn on their own.

Document Bots - Auto Validation

Automatically validate documents attached with customer, partners or employees requests. E.g. auto validate & process vendor invoices, auto validate & process travel & business expense claims, etc.

Document Bots - Auto Generation

Use time-Based and scheduled bots to auto-generate documents using data from Custom Application & pre-defined output/download templates. E.g. auto generate service reports, inspection reports, invoices, health check reports, etc.

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