Allow Your Customers, Employees & Partners To Request Support Using Channel Of Their Choice

Using voice, responsive custom mobile apps, messaging or social channels, allow your customers, employees and partners to raise support requests. Respond to inquiries on all channels (Email, Alexa, Twitter, Phone, SMS, Web, Chat) from one universal inbox. Agents will always have the context to progress conversations forward without customers repeating information.


Alexa, Raise My Support Request !

Using capabilities of Custom Apps, allow your users to raise support requests using Alexa. Users will be authenticated on Alexa using an OTP before they can put their request.

Call Center, Powered By Voice Bots

Set up a fully functional contact center by selecting phone numbers or toll-free numbers that fits your business location needs. Receive inbound calls from customers & route them to appropriate agents. Setup Voice Bots to automatically serve calling customers before routing to human agent. Keep track of incoming calls with automatic ticket creation and call recording. Follow up or provide proactive support with Campaigns.

Email, Messaging & Social Listening


Select a text number or toll-free text number in Round Infinity that fits your business location needs. Automatically convert SMS requests from your customers into trackable tickets in your helpdesk that you can manage and resolve.


Automatically convert support emails into trackable tickets in your helpdesk that you can manage and resolve within defined SLA. Allow Answer Bots to automatically respond to your emails. Or, if the bot cannot handle the query, automatically auto-assign to team members using Workflows.


Connect your Twitter handles to support your customers through Twitter DM and public mentions. Using AI based sentiment analysis, find out tweets that need to be automatically converted to tickets and assign priority accordingly.

End User Portal

Custom Apps

Using Custom Apps, business requests can be raised by your customers, partners or employees, as required by your business. For example - book appointment, place order, make a payment, raise service request, apply for loan, apply for policy renewal, or any such custom request. These requests can be fulfilled using Workflows. Using Customer 360, Custom Apps allow you to store/push data from your external systems to Round Infinity, using the same data formats of your external systems.

Live Chat

Use Round Infinity Live Chat to engage with customers who are on your website or mobile app. Automatically convert conversations into tickets. Allow Messaging Bots to automatically respond to chat queries. Or, if the bot cannot handle the query, automatically auto-assign to team members using Workflows.

Request Call Back

Allow customers to request call backs. Assign these to agents using Workflows so that call back happens to customer within defined SLA.

Help Center & Search

Let customers help themselves with their queries using your knowledge base content and FAQ. Search for related knowledge base articles as customers type search query.

Agent Multi-Channel InBox

Agent InBox

Allow your agents to track and manage all incoming requests from all channels with one Inbox. All responses, from Answer Bots or agents, are automatically sent to the channel from which the request was received.

Customer 360

Allow your agents to get a 360 degree view of customers across sales, marketing, service & operations. The agents can view past conversations across channels, open tickets, closed tickets, etc. all at one place to provide a better experience to customers.

Canned Responses

Allow your agents to quickly & consistently respond to common inquiries using pre-formatted replies.

Browser Based Agent Notifications

Browser-based notifications alerts the agent when a customer starts a conversation or replies to a conversation.