Configure No-Code External Facing Custom Applications To Accept Business Requests As Required By Your Business & The Industry That You Serve

Every business is different. Round Infinity's No-Code Custom Applications built on a Flexible Data Model allows to store almost any data structure, making it easy for you to store information specific to your business. These custom applications can be configured as required by your business & the industry that you serve.

Application Types

Data Entry

Allows users to enter data. Example - Service Request, Complaint, etc.


Allows users to enter data with multiple line items. Example - Order With Payment, Travel Expense Claim, Procurement Request, etc. The payment for items can be made optional.

Data Sharing

Allows users to access secured reports & documents. Example - Service Reports, Inspection Reports, Invoices, etc.


Allows users to raise approval requests. Example - Leave Requests, Travel Booking, etc.

Payment Collection

Allows users to pay pending dues / invoices.


Allows users to fill up a survey. The survey can be anonymous, if required.


Allows customers to book appointments in a self-service manner using Alexa, Chat, Voice Bot or Web Portal.

Customization Settings For Each Application

One-to-Many Relationships

Each Custom App can have multiple child Custom Apps. This is to facilitate one-to-many relationships. Example, an Account can have multiple Opportunities or a Expense Claim can have multiple Expense Items, or an Invoice can have multiple Product Line Items, etc.

Rich Data Types

Each Custom App can have columns of different types. This allows you to seamlessly collect information such as text, documents, photos, videos, sketches, signatures, GPS stamps, voice notes, etc.

Application Access

Each Custom App can be secured per custom security needs. Control which Custom Apps are accessed by customers, employees, partners, etc. Further, for the Round Infinity Web Desktop Console, control which agents/users can insert data, update data, download data, assign tasks, view data, etc. in each Custom App.

REST & Webhooks Enabled

Each Custom App is automatically REST & Webhooks enabled. REST allows to seamlessly push data from external system to Custom App, extending Round Infinity to almost any system. Webhooks allows to push data from Custom App to external systems when an event happens in the Custom App (e.g. when a row is inserted, when a row is updated, etc).

Ticketing & Workflow Enabled

Each Custom App, by default, is workflow & ticket enabled. This means each row in a Custom App can be assigned as a case or ticket. Service Level Agreements (SLA), Assignments Rules, Routing Rules, Escalations, Process Steps, Workflows, Notifications, Document Templates, Access Rules, etc. can be specified differently for each Custom App.

Document Templates

Each Custom App can have multiple download templates. This is to allow download of each row in the Custom App to multiple PDF output formats.

Bulk Upload Data Using XLS

Bulk upload data from external systems into Custom Apps using Excel.

Data Validation Rules

Define custom validation rules to validate data that is inputted into the Custom App.

Download & Search Data

Filter, search & download data residing in Custom Apps for reporting. Download data to Excel & PDF.

Rule-Based Notifications

Configure rule bases notifications to send email or SMS alerts at each step of workflow step or task action.

Auto-Generated Interfaces For Each Application

Mobile Responsive Web UI

Depending on the type of Custom App, a Mobile Responsive Web User Interface (UI) is automatically generated for each Custom App. This interface is used by your customers, employees, partners, etc. to raise requests per your business needs.

Android Field Service Native App UI

Depending on the type of Custom App, a Native Android UI interface is automatically generated for each Custom App in Round Infinity Field Service App. This interface is used your field service staff & employees to complete their tasks in an offline mode from customer site.

Alexa Voice Interface

For each Custom App, you can enable your customers to input data to it using Alexa. This interface allows your customers to raise complaints, book appointments, etc from Alexa.

Call Center Voice Bot Interface

For each Custom App, you can enable your customers to input data to it using Voice Bots. This interface allows your customers to raise complaints, book appointments, etc when they call into your call center, instead of the agent manually asking this information over the phone.