Easily Pull Or Push Data From External Systems To Custom Objects On Round Infinity

Round Infinity's flexible API architecture makes it easy to integrate external applications or home grown systems with Round Infinity using Push APIs or Pull Webhooks. You can easily push data such as transactions, leads, orders, etc. from external systems to Round Infinity and similarly pull data from Round Infinity to external systems.

Push External Data To Round Infinity

Each Custom Application is automatically REST API enabled. REST allows to seamlessly push data from external system to Custom Application, extending Round Infinity to almost any system.

Pull Round Infinity Data to External Systems

Each Custom Application is automatically Webhooks enabled. Webhooks allows to push data from Custom Application to external systems when an event happens in Custom Application (e.g. when a row is inserted, row is updated, etc.). A webhook can invoke a REST API call.

Custom URL & Domain Mapping

Use your own vanity URL for your support portal and provide a seamless customer experience.

Customize Logo & Navigation

Customize the look and layout of your support portal with your own logo and navigation.

Custom Email & SMS Servers

Configure your own email & SMS servers and provide a seamless customer experience.

IP Whitelisting

Whitelist IP ranges to restrict login access outside of work.


Round Infinity ensures enterprise-grade security using SSL, comprehensive audits of networks & systems.

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