Orchestrate Work From End-to-End & Get All Stakeholders To Serve Your Customers Within Prescribed Time Limit

Round Infinity's extensible, multi-step and branched workflows enable conditional logic that can seamlessly assigns tasks to internal & external team members & can update any system in real-time, enabling advanced business process automation. Case prioritization, SLA management & escalations are applied across all stakeholders.

Routing & Prioritization

Workflow Builder

Easily create workflows which allows to automatically move a case from one department to another. There is no more switching between multiple tools. No more missing out on follow ups and delaying replies.

Conditional Branching

Use branching workflow logic & rules to model multiple scenarios in a single workflow. Use business rules & conditions to automatically select the next process step & the next assignee.

Multi-Step Workflows

Use multiple steps workflow to execute webhooks which can automatically update external systems.

Rule Based Routing

Assign tickets to agents based on rules with multiple conditions.

Request Prioritization

Make sure every incoming requests gets automatically categorized, prioritized and even assigned to the right agent or group based on rules that you define.

Skill Based Routing

Assign tickets to members with certain expertise based on least assigned tickets or least open tickets.

Group Based Routing

Assign tickets to members of a group based on least assigned tickets or least open tickets.

Query Based Routing

Assign tickets by retrieving members dynamically from a Custom Application.

Business Hours

Indicate the hours your business is open and exclude non-business hours from reporting. Specify holidays when your office is closed.

Out-Of-Office & Break Time

Do not assign tickets to agents who are out-of-office or are on a break. Notify the supervisor when an agent marks himself as out-of-office.

SLA & Escalation

SLA Management

Set deadlines for ticket response and resolution based on priority or process steps. Each process step can have a different SLA. Each Custom Application can have its own SLA.


Specify multiple levels of escalations which gets triggered when an agent does not complete assigned task within specified SLA.

Automate Notifications To Customers

Automatically send out SMS & email notifications to customers at each process step, as the case moves forward. Specify multiple conditions to send out such notifications.


Set reminders to automatically send notification to the agent of upcoming call-backs, appointments or follow-ups.

Transfer Ticket Ownership

Share ownership of tickets with other teams without losing visibility into progress being made on the issue.