Create Custom BI Reports & Dashboards, Of Any Complexity, As Required By Your Business

In real-time, track performance of your customer service, operations, field service, sales & campaigns. Understand sentiment of your customers in real-time. Using Round Infinity Custom Reports Builder, easily view & generate custom reports using data from Round Infinity Custom Apps & Integrated CRM.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis Score

In real-time, analyze sentiment of customer conversations & track sentiment of your customers. Immediately follow-up with customers who have not had so good experience with your customer service.

Field Service Performance

In real-time, track performance of your field service staff. Track absent agents, real-time location of agents & SLA performance of field staff.

Customer Satisfaction Score

After agent closes customer service ticket, Round Infinity allows to automatically gather rating from customer. This allows to track your Customer Satisfaction Score. In real-time, find out which agents are not keeping the customers happy.

Net Promotor Score

After agent closes customer service ticket, Round Infinity allows the customer to specify if he/she would recommend your brand to others. This allows to track your Net Promotor Score. In real-time, find out which customers are not satisfied with your service & take appropriate measures to reach out to such customers.

Customer Effort Score

After the customer reads an article or solution, allow the customer to rate how helpful the solution was. This allows to measure the Customer Effort Score & improve on the quality of your self-service articles & solutions.

SLA Performance & Escalations Tracking

Get a better sense of how you're doing with your SLA by gaining visibility into cases volume, agent performance, and other key support metrics across all channels. Analyse team and user performance for response, resolution, and handle time. Find agents that are not completing tasks within specified SLAs.

Custom Reports

Out-Of-Box Reports & Dashboards

Use out-of-box reports & dashboards provided by Round Infinity to track order/service requests, process & workflows status, sales deals/opportunities pipeline, campaigns performance, field service performance & customer service performance.

Custom Reports Builder

Create custom BI reports & dashboards, of any complexity, as required by your business. Use the Round Infinity Report Builder to generate reports with aggregates, grouping, filters, relative dates, etc. Download report output to Excel & PDF. Drill down on data as required. Schedule auto-generation of reports so that you can receive them in your inbox periodically.