Instantly Setup A Call Center & Allow Machines To Automatically Respond 24/7 To Calls

Easily setup a call center solution in Round Infinity, integrated with CRM & ticketing system. Route your customer calls to agents with appropriate skills. Leverage Round Infinity Voice Bots to allow Cognitive AI to book appointments, create service requests or complete other such requests from your voice customers before routing calls to your agents.

Call Center

Purchase Phone Numbers

Choose a toll free or local number from over 40 countries. Use the same phone number for receiving voice calls and text messages.

Inbound Calling

Receive inbound calls from customers. Configure voice bots & routing rules as specified below to handle calls.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Make and receive unlimited concurrent calls to support multiple conversations with one phone number.

Outbound Calling

Provide proactive support with outbound calls. Configure who in your organization can make outbound calls. Use Campaigns to execute outbound call bursts.

24/7 Voice Bots

Gather Inputs Without Agent

Before routing calls to your agents, leverage Round Infinity Voice Bots combined with Custom Apps to allow Cognitive AI to raise complaints, fix appointments, create service requests or complete other such requests from your customers. The Voice Bot collects customer inputs via an easy voice interface and completes the transaction. If the conversation gets more complex, the voice bot politely hands the call to a human agent via a live transfer.

Answer Queries Without Agent

Before routing calls to your agents, leverage Round Infinity Voice Bots to allow Cognitive AI to answer customer queries using data from Integrated CRM, Custom Apps or Knowledge Base. The Voice Bots accesses data on customer's previous interactions, so as to appropriately answer queries.

IVR & Routing To Agents

Customized Greetings

Offer branded or localized experiences with multiple greetings for different brands, departments and phone numbers.

Multi-Level IVR

Route calls to the right agent or department with multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities.

Group Routing

Group routing directs calls to specific groups or a set of groups in Round Infinity, so that callers are connected with the right agent.

Round-Robin Routing

Ensure that calls are always routed to an available agent rather than being lost or sent to voicemail and evenly distributed among support team members.

Call Queues

Set a maximum wait time and queue size to determine how many incoming callers will be kept waiting for an available agent. New calls that exceed the limits are directed to voicemail.

Business Hours

Define business hours to let customers know your phone support availability. Calls received outside of business hours are sent to voicemail.

Inbound SMS

Receive and respond to inbound SMS messages from customers. Inbound SMS are automatically created as tickets & assigned to agents. Replies from agents are sent as SMS to customers.

Agent Desktop

Browser-Based Calls

Agents can answer or make calls in the Round Infinity browser session, without any additional phone hardware or equipment.

Forward To Phone

Agents can mark themselves as "Not On Desk". This allows to forward calls to an external number, providing agents the flexibility to take calls from mobile phones or landlines.

Caller 360 Information

Automatically surface caller details, including full interaction history from previous emails, chats and other channels, for seamless and personal support.

Call Control

Mute and unmute as needed from the call console. Place a caller on hold from the call console to consult with another agent or track down other information.

SMS & Email Notifications

Send follow-up SMS & email notifications to customers based on phone conversation with customer.

Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls for easy reference, troubleshooting and Quality Assurance.


Unanswered Calls

Forward all calls that exceed queue size limits, calls unanwered by agents or calls received after hours to voicemail.

Automatic Ticket Creation

Round Infinity automatically turns voicemails into tickets for easy record keeping. Auto-assign voicemails as tickets to agents for quick follow-up and resolution.