Elevate Your Business with AI-Powered Total Experience

Total Experience (TX) = No more silos

Discover the simplicity of an AI-powered, no-code Smart CRM & workflow automation software platform to orchestrate end-to-end journeys in hours, delivering a Total Experience (TX) to customers, employees & partners.

Goodbye silos, hello 360.

Digitalize end-to-end journeys on one platform - from request to service & everything in between.

Work smarter & faster by enabling workflow & case management in any business application.

Deliver next-gen modern digital self-service experiences in minutes, without coding.

Accelerate innovation, connect departments & speed up go-to-market of new products & services.

Get a single shared view of all users across departments to serve customers better & faster.

Leverage out-of-box AI automation to reduce costs, & eliminate manual, error-prone work.

Designed from the ground up to orchestrate end-to-end AI-enabled customized journeys in hours, without writing any software.

Total Experience (TX) is about delivering an all-round exceptional experience to anyone who interacts with your brand, including customers, partners, and employees. The fundamental idea of TX is to stop treating each component of a business strategy as an individual silo.

RoundInfinity is an AI-powered no-code Smart CRM and workflow automation platform designed for businesses seeking seamless integration of no-code applications, streamlined workflows, AI automation, Smart CRM and external system integrations. By unifying these elements into one comprehensive platform, RoundInfinity enables companies to orchestrate end-to-end journeys quickly, delivering a comprehensive Total Experience (TX) to customers, employees, and partners.

This enables businesses to accelerate growth by prioritizing their relationships with customers, employees, and partners, while effectively addressing their most pressing operational challenges, from personalized engagement to automated services and streamlined operations.

Why Choose RoundInfinity?


No-Code Platform

No-code platform to configure custom business applications & workflows, without any coding.

Custom Apps & Workflows

Without any coding, create mobile responsive custom business applications & workflows.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Without any coding, create custom reports, analytics & dashboards.

External Systems Integration

Without any coding, easily pull and push data to or from RoundInfinity.

Mobile Responsive Self-Service Portal

Allow users to self-serve, raise requests, check status, contact support, etc.

User 360

Automatically get a single 360 view of your all your users across departments.

Knowledge Management

Quickly build an AI-powered mobile responsive self-service help center.

Payment Links

Easily collect payments for products or services you sell & auto-generate invoices.


Allow users to securely access, view & eSign any document, contract, agreement, etc.

Appointments Scheduling

Digitalize end-to-end appointments workflow from booking to payment.

AI-powered End-to-End Smart CRM

AI-powered Smart CRM integrated with no-code custom business applications & workflows.

Customer Service

Delight customers with an AI-powered automated omnichannel contact center.


Customise sales workflows & empower sales teams with AI automation to close more deals.


AI-powered marketing automation to help you generate leads and drive growth.


Quickly launch your online store or Point-of-Sale terminals to increase revenue.


Leverage AI-automation to automate invoice processing, expense claims, payments, etc.

Supply Chain

Modernize supply chain workflows, streamline procurement, and optimize fulfilment.


Provide self-service to employees, transform employee workflows & use AI to hire smarter.

Field Service

Deliver intelligent onsite service & manage your field workforce, assets, and customers.

Business Impact

Happy customers. Empowered employees. Increased revenue. Reduced costs.


reduction in custom software development cost & disparate software licenses.


reduction in customer care, service, contact center & other operational costs.


increase in self-service usage by customers, employees & partners across channels.


increase in leads, sales, revenue, customer experience & loyalty.


reduction in department silos & increase in employees productivity.


increase in speed to launch new products & services to market.


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