We buy from brands, request service & interact with them on a daily basis. They have a tremendous impact on our lives. And yet, for the most part, we don't love them. What if every interaction, every experience with brands, was delightful ? What if there was service transparency and proactivity by brands so that that every one of our experiences got better ? That's what Round Infinity adaptive customer experience & digital process automation software helps brands do. It makes it easy & delightful for consumers to interact with a brand, buy from a brand or request services from a brand. To serve its consumers, Round Infinity empowers brands to quickly map their industry specific end to end journeys, rapidly digitize & automate business processes, smash through silos and easily get their employees, distributors, suppliers & partners to participate in journeys. If you've booked an appointment, called a company for service, applied for a loan, used a credit card, opened an account, submitted a claim, or performed countless other such tasks, chances are you've interacted with Round Infinity.

Anywhere Commerce

Using speech, responsive custom mobile forms or messaging, allow your customers, employees and partners to raise requests.

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Journey-Centric End to End Automation

Using cognitive technologies, bots and workflows, we ensure every piece of request is acted upon in stipulated time.

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Field Service App

Allow your mobile workers to collect data on mobile devices. Provide them with real-time information they need to perform their tasks.

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Respond to inquiries on all channels (Email, Social, IoT, Contact Centre, SMS, Digital Assistant) from one universal inbox.

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Proactive Campaigns

Engage your customers with timely and targeted messages & offers using smart segmentation & machine learning.

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Real-Time Measurements

Understand, in real time, sentiment of your customers & track customer satisfaction levels, so timely action can be taken.

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