You can try all features of the product by requesting 30 days free trial access. After your trial period ends, to continue using the service, you will need to shift to a paid plan. During that time, we will request your credit card information. As per pricing mentioned below, you will be charged based on the features you use on your network. However, if you choose to not continue using the service after your trial period ends, you do not need to take any action.

Request 30 Days Free Trial Access   

Unit Price Per Month Discounts
Enterprise User
[An Enterprise User is a user who can be assigned tasks & a user that needs access to the Round Infinity Enterprise Console. For example: Employees, Agents, Field Service Staff, Distributors, Worflow Approvers, Supervisors etc.]
Per Enterprise User / Per Month USD ($): 60
INR (Rs): 4,200
Minimum 5 Enterprise Users will be charged. Pricing includes use of Field Service App.
>=100 Enterprise Users, 30%
Client User
[A Client User is a user that can only place requests or orders using the Round Infinity Client User Portal. For example: Customers, Employees, Outlet Stores, etc.]
Per 5 Client Users / Per Month USD ($): 1
INR (Rs): 70
Minimum 500 Client Users will be charged
>=10000 Client Users, 30%
[This is the data that resides in your Round Infinity journeys and knowledge base.]
Per GB / Per Month USD ($): 3
INR (Rs): 210
Minimum 5 GB will be charged
> 100GB, 30%
Payment Gateway Cost (Optional)
[This will be charged if you allow your Client Users to pay when they place orders/requests or when they book appointments for services that your organisation offers.]
Per Transaction 3% of Transaction Value NA
REST API License (Optional)
[Allows you to push/pull data to/from all your journeys configured on Round Infinity]
Per REST API Call Contact Contact
Answer Bot (Optional)
[A bot that automatically responds to all text & voice inquires of Client Users]
Per Bot Reponse API Call Contact Contact
Auto-Validation Of Attachments Bot (Optional)
[A bot that automatically extracts text from documents/scanned images using OCR or automatically extracts speech as text from videos/audio & auto-validates this extracted text with your configured business rules. For example, validate receipts of an expense claim, or validate documents attached to a loan application, etc.]
Per Page Contact Contact
Auto-Report Generation & Dispatch Bot (Optional)
[A bot that auto-generates & auto-dispatches reports & documents such as invoices, bills, inspection reports, service reports, etc. to your customers or vendors.]
Per Auto-Dispatched Report Contact Contact
Custom BI Reports (Optional)
[Allows you to generate custom BI reports & charts using data in your journeys]
Per Custom BI Report Contact Contact
Voice Based Conversation (Optional)
[Allows Client Users to initiate voice conversations and the Answer Bot to provide a voice response ]
Per Voice Conversation Contact Contact
One Time Setup Cost (Optional) One Time Contact Contact
Above pricing includes standard email customer support, SSL security & daily backups. Phone support is not included. Please write to if you need support over phone or if you have any other queries.