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Pricing - Paid Plan

Unit Price Per Month Discounts
Enterprise User
[A user that can handle (& generate) requests
For example: Employees/Agents/Field Service, Distributors, Worflow Approvers, etc.]
Per Enterprise User / Per Month USD ($): 60
INR (Rs): 3,900
Minimum 7 Enterprise Users Will Be Charged. Pricing includes use of Field Service/Employees App.
>=100 Enterprise Users, 30%
Client User
[A user that can only generate requests
For example: Customers, Employees, Outlets,etc.]
Per Client User / Per Month USD ($): 10 cents
INR (Rs): 6.5
Minimum 250 Client Users Will Be Charged
>=10000 Client Users, 30%
Storage Per GB / Per Month USD ($): 3
INR (Rs): 195
Minimum 5 GB Will Be Charged
> 50GB, 30%
Voice Based Conversations (Optional)
[Allows Client Users to initiate voice conversations]
Per Voice Conversation Contact Contact
REST API License (Optional)
[Allows you to push/pull data to/from all your journeys configured on Round Infinity]
Per REST API Call Contact Contact
Conversation Bot (Optional)
[A bot that automatically responds to all voice/messaging inquires of Client Users]
Per Bot Reponse API Call Contact Contact
OCR RPA Bot (Optional)
[A bot that automatically extracts text from documents/scanned images & auto-validates this extracted text with your configured business rules]
Per Page Contact Contact
Video/Audio RPA Bot (Optional)
[A bot that automatically extracts speech as text from videos/audio & auto-validates this extracted text with your configured business rules]
Per Every 15 Seconds Contact Contact
Custom BI Reports (Optional)
[Allows you to generate custom BI reports & charts using data in your journeys]
Per Custom BI Report Contact Contact
One Time Setup Cost (Optional) One Time Contact Contact
Above pricing includes standard email customer support, SSL security & daily backups. Phone support is not included.