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Field Service App     

Allow your mobile workers to collect data on mobile devices. Provide them with real-time information they need to perform their tasks.  

Custom Mobile Forms For Data Collection Round Infinity provides a powerful mobile forms automation solution powered by workflow management capabilities. Perform inspections, audits, installation visits, service visits, maintenance visits, etc. Collect data on site, seamlessly embed rich information such as photos, sketches, signatures, and GPS stamps and instantly deliver field data to key stakeholders and connected business applications.
Field Service Checklists Easily integrate customised checklists into your maintenance and service forms.
Go Paperless Send up-to-date work orders directly to people in the field - skip the trip to the office. Send estimates, service report and invoices from the field in real time to customers.
Custom Workflows Trigger notifications, and task dispatching with forms automation & workflows
Insights Into Field Operations Get reports and analyse data collection forms from the field to uncover patterns, meaningful correlations, and the root cause of critical issues.
Track Field Service Agents Track in real-time location of your field service agents. Check work load & appointments schedule of your field service staff during assignment.