Automatically get a single 360 view of your all your users across departments.

Business Impact:

  • Streamlined customer service with a unified view of interactions across all touchpoints.
  • Comprehensive understanding of customer needs, preferences, and behaviors.
  • Enhanced customer engagement through personalized interactions and offers.
  • Increased sales opportunities through targeted marketing and cross-selling.
  • Greater agility to adapt to changing customer demands and market trends.

How it Works


Easily Enable Customer 360

Each business application on RoundInfinity can be included in the Customer 360 view simply by enabling a flag in the configuration of the business application.

Connected Workflows

With unified no-code custom applications, AI, and Smart CRM, your marketing, sales, commerce, service, IT, and data teams are smarter and more productive than ever.

Contextual View Across Channels

Get 360 visibility & insights of the interactions your users have with you across various touchpoints of your business. These touchpoints include emails, chat conversations with a representative, website visits, phone conversations, WhatsApp conversations, etc.

Eliminate Juggling Between Tools

By unifying internal silos, all departments in your organization can engage better with prospects and customers. Further, your teams can spend more time on selling and boosting productivity instead of spending their energy toggling between tools.

Close Deals Faster

With Customer 360, your teams can better understand your leads and customers and provide the right amount of personalization. Further, engaging in conversations that have context allows your reps to attract and retain customers, thus scaling your business.