Round Infinity was founded on the belief that software should fit your business needs. Not the other way around.

Our mission is to offer a software platform that allow organizations of any size or industry to easily unlock digital transformation.

People around the world use Round Infinity to digitalize any use case or process - from accepting & fulfilling orders from online store, or automating procurement process with suppliers, or automating contact center responses to reduce costs, or enabling field service employees to capture data without internet, or onboarding an employee, or allowing users to book appointments, or approving a travel expense claim, or billing customers in stores, etc.

Before Round Infinity: The Fractured Organization

The world has changed, but workplace technology hasn't kept up. We're still stuck with yesterday's technical and organizational architectures. We need a world of work where everything and everyone is connected-and where change is the new constant-but we're faced with siloed systems and manual, disconnected processes.

As organizations grow & become more complex, so do their challenges. In an effort to move faster, teams turn to disparate software tools & initiate one-off custom software development projects, which create siloes and makes data inaccessible to other teams.

This results in fractured employee and customer experiences, cumbersome processes that sap productivity, company-wide misalignment, miscommunication, and inefficiency. Organizations are forced to choose between moving fast, or moving together - a choice they shouldn't have to make. These silos make it near-impossible to drive innovation & collaborate across the organization-the lifeblood of digital transformation. Teams are stuck battling multiple sources of truth, inaccessible data, & fragmented tools.

This ultimately leads to poor customer, employee & partner experience, longer time to complete tasks, lower employee productivity, high custom software development costs, manual processes, high costs for disparate software licenses, & its maintenance, integration & consulting costs.

End-to-end digitalization of use cases & processes demands a single, unified no-code Total Experience (TX) software for digital business. That's what Round Infinity delivers.

Trusted by 500+ companies, Round Infinity is a unified no-code Total Experience (TX) software. Total Experience is about delivering an all-around exceptional experience to any customer, employee or partner. Clients use our AI-powered unified CRM in combination with our capabilities to create no-code custom business applications, and workflow automation to solve their most pressing business challenges - from executing transactions to enabling self-service to personalizing engagement to automating service to streamlining operations.

Behind every great customer, employee or partner digital self-service experience is a great journey, & Round Infinity is designed from ground up to deliver end-to-end customized journeys on one platform, without any software coding. With Round Infinity, anyone on any team, at any technical skill level, can build custom apps that best support their workflows: whether they're onboarding an employee, generating sales, launching marketing campaigns, dispatching orders or managing vendors. These apps are connected to all the other custom apps & the unified AI-powered CRM that lives on Round Infinity.

The result: teams are able to work autonomously, while moving in sync with the rest of the organization. By connecting their apps across the organization, they can share data across the organization in real time, giving global visibility into changes as they unfold. The connected apps also ensures you get a 360 view of each of your customer, partner & employee.

This will ultimately drive revenue, reduce operational costs, break silos, save on license costs of disparate software, allow adaptation to change, reduce integration challenges, delight customers, empower employees, and reduce custom software development costs by more than 70%.

Founders' vision

"When I started Round Infinity in 2019, my vision was to build a cloud-based platform that would enable organizations of any size to simplify digital transformation & quickly deliver an amazing end-to-end connected experience to their customers, partners, & employees, without having to worry much about the complexities & costs."

Bhavesh Bhammar
Founder and Chief Sales Officer

Our success depends upon our customers' success.






Customer Requests

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Software Engineer with 2 to 4 years of experience in Bootstrap, Android, Java, Database, AWS, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Software Engineering Manager with 5 to 10 years of experience in Bootstrap, Android, Java, Database, AWS, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Sales & Marketing

Business Development Executives: You can apply if you have built your resume selling enterprise software, SaaS, and web services.

Director Sales: You can apply if you have minimum of 10 years experience working for sales at a tech/ Saas company with experience in global sales & channel partnerships.

Customer Success Executives

You can apply if you have experience configuring CRM products & are ready to be trained in Round Infinity to help customers succeed.