Who We Are ?

We are bold, motivated, unconventional, passionate & imaginative.

We are a team of motivated individuals, creative, fun loving & passionate about product design. We work in an exciting, fast paced environment. We take ownership of our tasks and are results focused.

How It All Started ? What Business Problems Are We Solving ?

Round Infinity was conceptualized & born against all odds. Bhavesh Bhammar, is the founder & CEO of Round Infinity. He has worked with world's top software product & consulting companies like Ariba, BEA Systems, TIAA-CREF, & Accenture. He has seen companies of all types and sizes struggle to find the right way to provide a better experience to customers.

We at Round Infinity believe that modern consumers have set the bar high for seamless, personalized, and immediate experiences. Your business needs to move quickly. Also, the customer journey does not start or end with a single transaction. The entire customer lifecycle spans across marketing, sales, commerce, and service. You need a no-code software platform that is built for the task & which is unified by design so as to allow you to provide seamless end-to-end customer experience. As your business changes & grows, the software should be easy to change & extend, without you having to write any software code, so that you can respond to change and constantly re-invent. Most CRM software products offered by competitors are not designed & implemented for this end-to-end vision. Infact, use of such CRM products creates digital chaos, increases silos, reduces operational efficiencies & increases costs.

To solve this problem, we got Round Infinity ready into a modern next generation customer engagement and digital process automation software which enables brands to enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and respond effectively to ever-changing risks and regulations. As a result, Round Infinity has come out to be a complete and versatile one-stop-shop customer engagement software for businesses of every size. Round Infinity is the first of its kind enterprise-grade software which you'll never need to replace. We're the next generation of customer engagement platform - a software that eliminates clunky, frustrating user experiences and coding. The key differentiators built into Round Infinity digital customer engagement software & for brands to leverage are:

  • Unified: Everything you need to sell, engage & service your customers is available in one out-of-box unified platform.
  • Customize: Rapidly extend, customize & deliver journey-centric no-code custom business applications per your business needs.
  • Sell: Accept orders & service requests from customers, acquire new customers, engage proactively & sell more.
  • Workflows: Automate work assignment & break silos between marketing, sales, service, operations, partners, distributors & suppliers.
  • Mobile: Provide personalized end-to-end experiences to customers, employees & partners using auto-generated mobile user interfaces.
  • 360: Know everything about every customer in one place to provide frictionless omni-channel customer service.
  • Automate: Digitalize business processes & leverage AI-powered bots and automation to reduce costs.
  • Integrate: Seamlessly integrate with applications & data structures of in-house & partner systems.

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Customer Requests

Open Positions

Please email resume to support@roundinfinity.com


Software Engineer with 2 to 4 years of experience in Bootstrap, Android, Java, Database, AWS, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Software Engineering Manager with 5 to 10 years of experience in Bootstrap, Android, Java, Database, AWS, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Sales & Marketing

Business Development Executives: You can apply if you have built your resume selling enterprise software, SaaS, and web services.

Director Sales: You can apply if you have minimum of 10 years experience working for sales at a tech/ Saas company with experience in global sales & channel partnerships.

Customer Success Executives

You can apply if you have experience configuring CRM products & are ready to be trained in Round Infinity to help customers succeed.