Simple & Clear Round Infinity Pricing

$49 (Rs.3,400) Per User Per Month

  • A "User" is defined as a Login ID created by you for a user that is marked as "Enterprise User" (& not marked as "End Customer") in "User Type".
  • "End Customers" can only initiate new requests. They cannot have tasks assigned, cannot participate in workflows, & cannot update data.
  • First 30 days of Round Infinity usage is free. No credit card information is required & no obligation to cancel. Thereafter, for continued usage of service, minimum 5 "User" Licenses need to be purchased.
  • You can discontinue usage of service at any time by clicking on "Billing & Plans" > "Cancel Service" page of your account.

Each User License Includes:

Access to all features & applications on Round Infinity.
1 GB of storage.
50 Monthly Active End Customer (MAU) Licenses
5,000 emails per month.
Round Infinity email support with response time of 24 hours.
SSL security & daily data backups.

For example: If you buy 5 "User" Licenses, by default, you can access all features & applications on Round Infinity, can store 5GB of data in Round Infinity, can serve 250 Monthly Active End Customers (MAU), and can send 25,000 emails per month.

Add On Packages

Based on your needs, you can separately purchase below Add-On packs using the "Billing" page of your account.

  • Contact Center Pack. This includes Inbound Calling, Outbound Calling & Voice Bots.
  • Sentiment Analysis Pack
  • SMS Pack

Do You Need A Customized / Discounted Price Quote For Limited Use Of Round Infinity Or For Large Volumes ?

Please write to detailing your use case & features of Round Infinity you would like to leverage. We will respond back with an appropriate price quote.