Simple Pricing Based On Your Actual Usage

You can Get Started instantly. First month usage is free. No credit card information is required & no obligation to cancel. After 30 days, for continued usage of service, you need to move to a paid plan. You can choose to discontinue usage of service at any time.

Access to all features & applications on Round Infinity

SSL security

Daily data backups for disaster recovery

Email based customer support, with a 24 hour response time

Free assistance in helping you configure your Round Infinity network per your business needs

Based on your actual usage of below services, you will be charged. This cost will be automatically deducted from your top-up balance.

Service Name Service Description Service Cost
Enterprise Users
An Enterprise User is a user who can participate in workflows & to whom tasks can be assigned in Round Infinity. An Enterprise User has access to all Round Infinity applications which includes Web Desktop Console, End User Portal & Android Field Service App. Each Enterprise User is entitled to 1 GB of storage.

Round Infinity Web Desktop Console is used by employees for configuring business applications, participating in workflow tasks, executing reports, tracking performance, uploading to knowledge base, managing users, access, etc.

Round Infinity Android Field Service app is used by your field service users to make field visits, capture data in offline mode, close field tasks, etc.

$ 9 per Enterprise User / per month

Monthly Active User (MAU)
Monthly Active User (MAU) is a user who, atleast once a month, logs in to Round Infinity End User Portal or calls into Call Center configured in Round Infinity.

End User Portal is used by customers, partners, employees, consultants, vendors, etc. for raising new requests using external/self-service applications, raising approval requests, chat, raising appointments, making payments, accessing service reports, checking status, e-signing documents, raising service requests, etc.

A MAU has access to Round Infinity End User Portal but does not have access to Web Desktop Console & Android Field Service App. Tasks cannot be assigned to a MAU.

$ 0 . 2 per MAU / per month

You can choose to setup a call center & purchase phone numbers using your Round Infinity to :

1) To receive inbound calls in call center.

2) To make outbound calls and execute automated outbound call campaigns.

$ 0 . 008 per minute for calls to or from web browsers.

For connecting to regular phones, prices vary based on country. Please login to your network to check pricing.
You can choose to auto create ticket for each email received or send transactional emails & execute email campaigns.

$ 0 . 004 per email received or sent

You can choose to auto create ticket for each SMS received or send transactional SMS & execute SMS campaigns.

$ 0 . 02 per SMS received or sent

You can choose to receive and reply to WhatsApp messages automatically.

$ 0 . 02 per WhatsApp message received or sent

Field Service Route Optimization
You can choose to enable field service route optimization if you would like to automatically find the closest visit location for field service staff.

$ 0 . 02 per location queried

Sentiment Analysis
You can choose to enable sentiment analysis on your network to know the sentiment of completed phone, chat & email conversations that your agents have with your customers. This allows to gauge how unhappy your customers are, who they are & timely action can be taken.

$ 0 . 005 per message

A message is defined as a chunk of 1000 of less characters.
Payment Gateway Charges
Configure payments enabled custom applications to collect payments from your customers for services & products you sell. Login to your network to check pricing
Custom DNS
By default, Round Infinity offers a wildcard SSL for all enterprises who have a network on a domain. This can be used as long as you continue to use the default Round Infinity URL you signed up with (for example,

However, the default SSL does not work when you've linked a custom domain name to your Round Infinity network (for example, mapped to In this case, Round Infinity will need to include a SAN entry for you in its SSL certificate. You can reach out to support@roundinfinity for pricing & help.

Do you need a customized price quote for large volume ?

Please write to describing your use case & volume. Depending on your volume, we will respond back with an appropriate price quote.