Make It Easy For Your Customers To Buy Or Request Services From You

Whether you're a brand owner providing services or a brand selling wholesale or a direct to consumer business, Round Infinity's order management & inventory management system lets business owners like you manage your service requests, inventory, orders, products, distributors, suppliers and customers, all from one place.

Online Orders

B2C or B2B, allow your customers to place orders online (tailored to your customers and brand). Auto-assign orders to approriate warehouse, store, or supplier for fulfilment.

Outlet Orders

Allow retailers to place Geo tagged, time stamped order from outlets in self-service manner. Auto-assign outlet orders to distributors for fulfillment, in real time, based on distributor inventory.

Service Requests & Appointment Booking

For services you offer, allow your customers to book appointments in a self-service manner using time slots. Assign appointments based on employee availability & skills.

Skills Inventory & Expertise Mapping

Allow employees to specify their availabiity & skills in a self-service manner, with supervisor oversight.

Distributors Management

Manage all distributors in one place. Enable real time updating of inventory at distributors, ensuring optimum stock at distributor and zero stock outs at retailers. Distributors can mark orders as complete or partially delivered & can take returns based on SKU or invoice.

Suppliers Management & Purchase Orders

Automate the entire process of procurement from suppliers to receiving goods to payment. Create, edit, and email purchase orders that update inventory levels automatically while ensuring data accuracy. You can also generate reorder reports so you know exactly when to order more inventory.

Inventory Control

Improve stock and inventory tracking through automatically updated stock levels whenever sales and purchases are made. Manage your inventory across multiple warehouses, and in multiple currencies.


Streamline your inventory operations with backordering by pre-ordering inventory and fulfilling orders on time. Consolidate sales orders and ensure visibility on unfulfilled orders.

Warehouse Inventory Management

Manage multiple warehouses and inventory locations efficiently across all locations on a single platform. Transfer stock between warehouses, receive and fulfill orders through specific warehouses, and more.

Order History & Single View Of Customer

Automatically record your customer's order and purchase history all at one place, so you can understand customer behaviors and provide a more personal customer experience.

Third Party Integration

Get a simplified enterprise integration layer with REST APIs for seamless connectivity between in-house or third- party systems.

Products & Services Price Lists

Managing services price lists, products, variants & product prices is key to running a business. You can manage custom price lists in different currencies, for various customer types, product categories, zones, and so on.

B2B Wholesale

Start taking bulk orders in minutes with an automated, private wholesale ordering platform tailored to your customers and brand. Create and email sales quotes, generate sales orders, provide self-service to existing customers and more.

Real-Time Rule Based Discounts

Easily configure discounts based on products or on total bill amount which are automatically applied to customer's orders.