Leverage AI-automation to automate invoice processing, expense claims, payments, etc.

Business Impact:

  • Streamlined financial operations with automated invoice processing and expense claims automation, reducing administrative burden.
  • Increased accuracy and compliance with standardized finance workflows and documentation.
  • Enhanced cash flow management with real-time visibility into invoice status and expense claims.
  • Improved productivity through reduced processing times and streamlined approval workflows.
  • Enhanced control and transparency over financial processes with automated tracking and reporting.

How it Works


Auto-Read Invoices

Accounts Payable automation that automatically reads emailed or scanned invoices and captures relevant information. Or, upload the invoice using the mobile-reponsive self-service portal.

Auto-Extraction Of Invoice Data

Using AI and machine learning, the data from the invoice is automatically extracted & inserted into Accounts Payable application of RoundInfinity. The line items, total, purchase order details, invoice number, etc. are automatically extracted without you having to configure any rules or logic.

Three-Way Auto-Validation Of Invoices

Our Accounts Payable automation software captures and verifies every invoice detail - including line items and GL codes - and syncs to your accounting tools instantly. The system automatically performs three-way matching of invoices with Goods Receipt Notices (GRN) & Purchase Orders (PO). Flag duplicate invoices, variations in PO/receipt details, and prevent vendor fraud.

Invoice Approval Workflow

Configure a multi-step workflow to approve & complete the inovice approval. Set up custom accounts payable approval policies with any combination of approvers, spend limits and department structures. Allow the approver to easily request corrections to the invoice.

Invoice Payment Notifications

Automatically notify the vendors when the payments have been made along with the transaction details.

Accounts Payable Dashboard

Get a consolidated view of accounts payable data. Without any coding, create custom reports & dashboards per your business requirements to track payments by vendor, department, etc.

Expense Policies

Configure your company's approval steps, travel policies, per diem rates, cost centers, allowances, default currency for expense claims, currency conversion rates, etc. so that the travel booking requests & expense claims are submitted in a way that meets the company policies & limits.

Expense Claims

Allow employees to submit expenses claims from their mobile. The expense claim items, receipts, etc. can be partially uploaded each day during the trip & submitted for approval at the end of the trip. The expense claim can be kept in "Work-in-progress Drafts" till ready to be submitted for approval. The travel policy, per diem rates, max allowed limits by employee position, etc. can all be configured so that the claim meets the company policies.

Travel Requests

Allow employees to request travel booking directly from their mobile phones & specify travel preferences. Allow to book the travel by self or auto-assign to travel helpdesk. Configure assignment rules to assign the travel booking request to the right travel booking agent. Send out alerts at each stage of the booking.

Advance Requests

Allow employees to request cash advance from their mobile. Configure assignment rules to route the advance request for approval across departments. Easily view the cash-on-hand with the employee when approving an advance request.

Custom Approval Workflows

Configure a multi-step workflow to approve & complete the expense claim, advance request, travel booking, etc. Allow the approver to easily start with the requestor a WhatsApp or SMS conversation related to the request, directly from the tasks list. The agent can easily attach multiple booking attachments & message to the requestor.

Expense Dashboard

Get a consolidated view of spending data. Without any coding, create custom reports & dashboards per your business requirements to track spend by employee, department, etc.

360 View Of Users

Serve your employees better by getting a complete 360 view of your users - their claims, travel bookings, service requests, cases, calls, conversations, etc., all in one view - across all your departments including marketing, sales, commerce, and service.

Finance Helpdesk

While requesting travel or raising a expense claim, allow employees to seek instant support using Live Chat, WhatsApp or Phone Call. Auto-respond 24/7 to messages across channels, get 360 view of users, route tickets across departments, & reduce service costs.

Employee Self-Service

Provide self-service capabilities to your employees & streamline support. Using mobile responsive self-service portal, allow your employees to search knowledge base, raise tickets, check status of requests, make payments, access secured reports & documents, book appointments, perform live chat, etc.