No-Code platform for end-to-end digitalization of any process.

Without writing any software, digitalize & automate any process end-to-end & deliver next-generation experiences to employees, customers & partners.

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Make work flow & connected.

Round Infinity is a cohesive, customizable, unified, and easy to adopt no-code platform crafted to deliver connected workflows which allows companies to digitalize & automate any process end-to-end on one platform, without writing any software.

The world is changing fast. Behind every great customer, partner or employee experience is a great workflow. And ERP can't keep up. That's why we designed Round Infinity with no-code AI-powered connected workflows capabilities at the core. So you can digitalize, customize & automate your processes the way your business demands without having to write any software. So you can adapt as often as you need to. So you can move with speed and intelligence. So you can deliver amazing self-service digital experiences to your customers, partners & employees.

How our software works

Connected workflows to digitalize & automate any process end-to-end, in minutes.

500+ companies use Round Infinity to drive growth and reduce cost.

Connect your enterprise

Create seamless experiences for customers, employees & partners. Automate any process end-to-end in an easy-to-use, no-code environment.

Deliver next-gen experiences

Deliver modern digital experiences & keep everyone engaged, informed & productive with a unified mobile responsive self-service portal.

Accelerate innovation

Enable anyone to automate, extend, and build digital workflow apps at scale with a single, unifiedÔÇ»no-code platform.

Reduce silos

Get 360 view of users across teams with applications built on one data model and one architecture across the enterprise.

Work smarter and faster

Unleash the power of AI and analytics to surface information, make predictions, and automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on strategic work.

Reduce costs

No-code platform combined with AI automation helps reduce costs across custom application development, contact center, manual processes, etc.

Round Infinity brings instant benefits to your business. Digitalize more processes and the benefits multiply.


Reduction in custom software development cost & disparate software licenses


Reduction in customer care, service & contact center costs


Increase in self-service usage by customers, employees & partners


Increase in leads, sales, revenue & customer loyalty


Reduction in silos & increase in employees productivity

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