Why Round Infinity ?

Transform Customer Engagement. Streamline Operations. Improve Employee Experience. Accelerate Growth. Manage Change.

Trusted By 1500+ Companies


Provide Superior 24/7 Self-Service Experience To Customers


Digitize & Automate Customer Journeys, Processes & Operations


Improve Employee Productivity, Lower Costs & Accelerate Growth

Compelling customer experience has evolved from a nice-to-have to a necessity in most industries. Winners use standout experiences to attract and retain business while reducing servicing costs and complaints. The rewards can be substantial, but execution is complex, requiring reinvention of customer journeys and supporting processes. You will need a no-code software platform that can help you with your transformation efforts.

Round Infinity is an end-to-end CRM & Digital Transformation Software that makes personalized, efficient and effortless customer engagement & digital transformation a reality for companies. More than 1,500+ companies across different industries rely on Round Infinity to allow their customers to seamlessly communicate across any channel at any time, automate and streamline processes, easily unify customer data from internal systems & obtain unprecedented insight into a customer's past experiences and current sentiment.

Round Infinity's AI-powered automation capabilities backed by Round Infinity's no-code custom applications architecture & end-to-end CRM allows companies to serve customers 24/7, proactively engage with customers & drastically reduce operational costs.

How It Works ?

Round Infinity simplifies transformation in sales, customer service, customer engagement & internal operations in four simple steps. You can go-live in a couple of days, all by yourself.

1. Requests

From any channel, digitally accept business requests as required by your business & the industry you serve.

Omnichannel Support

Email. Chat. Call Center. Twitter. Alexa. SMS. Omnichannel InBox.

Custom Business Apps

Appointments. Payments. External Facing Apps. Self-Service Apps.

Employee Self-Service Apps

Approvals. Expense Claims. Procurement. Vacation. 

Commerce Apps

B2B Commerce. B2C Commerce.

2. Automation

Automate fulfilment of requests by allowing AI to respond or by assigning to humans using intelligent workflows.

Voice Bots & Contact Center

Call Center. IVR. Auto Response. Voice-To-Text. Text-To-Voice.

Messaging Bots & Knowledge Base

Intent Recognition. Auto Response. Solutions. Documents.

Workflows & Intelligent Routing

Auto Routing. Process Steps. Prioritization. SLA. Escalations.

Field Service

Android App. Offline Data Collection. Offline Tasks Management.

3. Engagement

Digitalize processes & operations to reduce costs, grow business & to proactively engage with customers.


Voice, Email & SMS Campaigns. Campaign Manager.

Customizable CRM

Leads & Accounts. Opportunities. E-Signatures. Quotes & Invoices.

Customer 360

Linked Records. REST Data Pull & Push. Contextual View.

4. Visibility

Uncover real-time insights & sentiment from customer conversations, so as to take timely action.

Sentiment Analysis

Voice Calls & Messages Sentiment. Satisfaction Score. Surveys.

Custom Reports

Reports Builder. Filters. Downloads. Performance Monitoring.

Customer Use Cases