Why Round Infinity ?

An End-to-End Customer Service Automation Software

Automation through digital labor will shape the future of customer service. Round Infinity is an end-to-end customer service automation software that makes personalized, efficient and effortless customer service a reality for companies.

More than 1,500+ companies across different industries rely on Round Infinity to allow their customers to seamlessly communicate across any channel at any time, automate and streamline processes, easily unify customer data from internal systems & obtain unprecedented insight into a customer's past experiences and current sentiment.

Round Infinity's conversational AI-powered messaging & voice bots backed by Round Infinity's custom applications architecture & integrated CRM allows companies to serve customers 24/7, proactively engage with customers & drastically reduce costs.

How It Works ?

Round Infinity simplifies transformation in customer service, customer engagement & internal operations in five simple steps. You can go-live in a couple of days, all by yourself.

1. Requests

Accept Requests From Any Channel, Including Alexa

2. Automation

Allow Machines To Handle Requests 24/7 Or Assign To Humans

3. Engagement

Leverage Virtual Call Agents With Human-Like Conversations

4. Visibility

Uncover Real-Time Insights From Customer Conversations

5. Integration

Provide Agents With One Unified View Of Customers

Customer Use Cases