Why Round Infinity ?

Round Infinity is a customer service automation software that makes personalized, efficient and effortless customer service a reality for companies. More than 1,500+ companies across different industries rely on Round Infinity to allow their customers to seamlessly communicate across any channel at any time, automate and streamline processes, & obtain unprecedented insight into a customer's past experiences and current sentiment. Round Infinity's coversational AI-powered bots allows companies to serve their customers 24/7 & drastically reduce costs.

Have cross-channel contextual conversations
Instantly get a 24/7 automated call center
Easily unify data from all your systems
Automate business processes, one journey at a time
Build a CRM around your business
Instantly allow your customers to interact using Alexa
Know everything about your customers in one place
Leverage intelligent bots to reduce customer care costs
Know sentiment of customer conversations in real-time

How It Works ?

[Customer Service & Engagement Automation + Digital Process Automation] + Conversational AI
Superior Customer, Employee & Partner Experience

Round Infinity simplifies transformation in customer service, customer engagement & internal operations in five simple steps. You can go-live in a couple of days, all by yourself.

Step Business Benefit Round Infinity Product Feature



Allow your customers, employees & partners to request support using channel of their choice.

Omnichannel Customer Service

Configure no-code custom applications to accept business requests as required by your business & the industry that you serve.

Alexa, Mobile, Payments & Appointments Enabled Custom Apps

For enhanced productivity, allow employees and partners to request approvals such as travel, expense claims, raise invoice, etc.

Employees & Partners Self-Service



Instantly setup a call center & allow machines to automatically respond 24/7 to calls.

Voice Bots & Call Center

Allow machines to automatically respond 24/7 to text based queries from varied channels.

Answer Bots & Knowledge Base

Orchestrate work from end-to-end & get all stakeholders to serve your customers within prescribed time limit.

Workflows & Intelligent Automation

Deliver intelligent onsite service, collect data in offline mode & transform customer experience in field.

Field Service



Proactively engage with your customers & employees, seek feedback & build loyalty.

Campaigns & Outbound Dialer

Grow your business by automating entire sales & billing processes from lead to fulfilment.

Integrated CRM



Understand, in real time, sentiment of your customers & take timely action.

Real-Time Sentiment Analysis



Easily pull or push data from external systems to applications on Round Infinity.

API-Driven Integration

Customer Use Cases