Make It Easy For Your Customers To Buy Or Request Services From You

Whether you're a brand owner providing services or a brand selling wholesale or a direct to consumer eCommerce business, Round Infinity's order management & inventory management system lets business owners like you manage your service requests, inventory, orders, products, distributors, suppliers and customers, all from one place.

Procurement & Orders

Automate Your Entire Sales & Billing Processes From Lead To Fulfilment

Automate your CPQ (configure, price, quote) and billing processes with Sales Automation features of Round Infinity. Close more deals faster than you ever thought possible. Track your opportunities pipeline, generate accurate quotes, better contracts, grow your accounts faster, find new customers faster, and close deals faster - from anywhere.

Sales Automation

Drive Digital Transformation & Build No-Code Custom Applications Per Your Needs

Every business is different. Round Infinity's No-Code Custom Applications built on a Flexible Data Model allows to store almost any data structure, making it easy for you to store information specific to your business. These custom applications can be any application, as required by your business & the industry that you serve.

Custom Applications

Allow Your Customers To Request Support Using Channel Of Their Choice

Using voice, responsive custom mobile forms, messaging or social channels, allow your customers, employees and partners to raise requests. Respond to inquiries on all channels (Email, Facebook, Twitter, Phone, Contact Centre, SMS, Web, Chat) from one universal inbox. Using Answer Bots, allow your customers to get automated answers 24/7.

Omnichannel Customer Service

Orchestrate Work From End-To-End & Get All Stakeholders To Serve Your Customers

Round Infinity's extensible, multi-step and branched workflows enable conditional logic that can seamlessly assigns tasks to internal & external team members & can update any system in real-time, enabling advanced business process automation. Case prioritization based on sentiment, SLA management & escalations are applied across all stakeholders.

Workflows & Process Automation

Embrace Cognitive AI & Bots To Allow Machines To Serve Your Customers 24/7

Round Infinity Answer Bots, OCR Bots & Sentiment Analysis Bots works alongside your support team & agents. These bots uses machine learning to understand sentiment of your customer conversations or calls, automatically validate documents or help answer your customers' questions using data from your custom applications or content from your knowledge base on Round Infinity.

Bots & Knowledge Base

Deliver Intelligent Onsite Service & Transform Customer Experience In Field

Make it easy for your customers to schedule appointments, for your field workers to receive work orders & appointments, service the customer, collect data on a mobile device, & send estimates, service reports and invoices from the field in real time to customers and back-office systems. Allow supervisors to track performance of your field service operations in real-time.

Field Service

Proactively Engage With Your Customers & Build Customer Loyalty

Engage your customers, employees & partners across all digital channels, with timely and targeted messages & offers using smart segmentation & machine learning. Keep the customer notified & aware about the service status by automatically sending notifications at each process step of the case.

Proactive Campaigns

Paperless Expense Management From Receipt To Reimbursement

Automating the expense management process - and eliminating the errors, paper and procedures that go with it - frees up your employees and gives you more control over compliance and costs. Users can quickly take a picture of receipts, submit expense reports for approval from any mobile device, and keep productivity on track.

Expense Management

Understand, In Real Time, Sentiment Of Your Customers & Take Timely Action

Understand sentiment for 100% of consumer interactions, messages & phone calls in real time, not after the fact with surveys for a fraction of interactions. Easily view & generate custom reports using data from custom applications, about your conversations, team performance, order fulfillment, etc. by choosing different chart types, date ranges, filters, etc.

Real-Time Measurements

Easily Pull Or Push Data From External Systems To Applications On Round Infinity

Round Infinity's flexible API architecture makes it easy to integrate external applications or home grown systems with Round Infinity using Push APIs or Pull Webhooks. You can easily push data such as transactions, leads, orders, etc. from external systems to Round Infinity and similarly pull data from Round Infinity to external systems.